Student Voice for Enhanced Learning

School Day Wellbeing solution gives students a voice.

It creates a sense of belonging and enhances school engagement.

Enhanced wellbeing enables more effective learning.

cycleOur mission is to support student wellbeing and school leadership by providing school staff with insights into their students' wellbeing. This will help them make pedagogical decisions and enhance learning results. We believe that giving students a voice increases wellbeing and decreases bullying in schools. Wellbeing in turn enhances student engagement and learning results.

To this end, we have desinged a AI-backed service that measures, analyzes, explains and develops student wellbeing in five categories and 28 phenomena. Students react on statements ranging from their learning environment to social and emotional skills. In the image above you can find all the wellbeing phenomena that are included in our model and if you click the i's, you will find the complete content of our service, i.e. the statements that our app shows to your students to react upon.

School Day Wellbeing Model has been developed together with experienced educators and top educational scientists. It relies heavily on research done by Anne Konu (PhD) at Tampere University. She is the developer of the School Wellbeing Model and co-developer of the Wellbeing Profile, a global, research-based evaluation tool for schools, which has been in active use since 2004. We have also used the OECD model of student wellbeing as a reference for our model, especially the last category concerning social and emotional skills. Read more

We have also curated a set of questions and a model for remote learning. Here is our School Day @Home Model developed in collaboration with Helsinki University team of educational psychologists lead by Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro.

School Day @Home

We can help you in student wellbeing during school closures and remote learning.
References to Relevant Research

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