Become a Certified Wellbeing Ambassador

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School Day Ambassador Program is for all educators.

Take part in three webinars and complete the assignments.

Become a certified wellbeing ambassador in your school or district.

Part 1

Before Webinar

  • Watch the introduction video to the Ambassador Program that we will send you via email.
  • Prepare to introduce yourself and your school.
  • Prepare to share challenges in student wellbeing.
  • Prepare to discuss ideas on developing student wellbeing.


  1. School Day and Ambassador Program Overview,  Q&A
  2. Certification Process Requirements
  3. Online Community Kick-Off
  4. Participants & Expectations, Q&A

After Webinar

  1. Choose one School Day Wellbeing phenomenon and discuss it with students in class.
  2. Tweet three positive School Day Wellbeing phenomena from your school with the hashtag #SDWB.
  3. Tweet a classroom challenge and ask for advice with the hashtag #SDWB.
  4. Read School Day wellbeing research package in your email. Find more relevant research yourself and tweet the best. #SDWB.

Part 2


  1. Guests from the Univesity of Helsinki and University of Tampere. It is important that participants have read the reading package!
  2. School Day Wellbeing Model and how it is designed to support student wellbeing.
  3. Discussion about wellbeing phenomena in schools and how to deal with them.

After Webinar

  1. Tweet three positive phenomena in your school with hashtag #SDWB
  2. Tweet a classroom challenge and ask for advice with hashtag #SDWB
  3. What do you want to change in your school and how? Be prepared to discuss this in our next webinar. Write down your plan.

Part 3

Webinar Part 1: Past Experiences

Participants share their experiences of enhancing student wellbeing in their schools with the help of School Day Wellbeing.

Webinar Part 2: Future Experiences

You have prepared a plan at home which wellbeing issues to tacke in your school and how. Present your plan to the group.

Webinar Part 3: Graduation

  • Diplomas
  • Online connections
  • Possibility to join our Developers’ Team

Part 4: Feedback