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Learning from Data


Every now and then we like to visit schools that use our service. Together with teachers and other school staff we brainstorm concrete ways to improve student wellbeing. School Day gets valuable ideas from teachers and students and we get to see creative ways in which educators use the data we provide.

School Story 1: Sleep Is a Superpower 

In one school that we visited a health education teacher had noticed that his students were tired and wanted to start a project promoting healthier sleeping habits. He decided to use School Day data as the starting point for their project and a way to measure its success. Together with his students they looked at the dial charts in the Health category on a weekly basis and brainstormed ways to make students sleep more and better, which would make the dials turn to green. Students made posters reminding each other to sleep more and giving tips on how to make falling asleep easier in the evenings. After some time the sleep dial did in fact turn to green indicating a significant change in the amount of rest among the students, who then all wrote a personal report on how they had changed their habits and how it made them feel.

School Story 2: Rich in Diversity

In another school that we visited a social studies teacher used our data to boost equality in her school. In our Social Relationships category, we have questions relating to appreciating cultural diversity. Students looked at their charts first and noticed that not all students experience equality in the daily life of the school. They wanted to make a play about unjust behavior and invited the whole school to watch it. Afterwards they looked at the dial charts again and noticed that their efforts had turned the atmosphere in their school more positive towards cultural diversity.

School Story 3: Eat Right, Be Bright

We also visited a school in which a Home Economics teacher had turned our data into teaching material. He had noticed that his students aren't eating properly and wanted to change the situation. Together they took the time to find and develop recipes for foods that are both delicious and healthy, prepared them and created a blog for supporting a healthy diet. Finally, they also looked at the dials that had turned to green and celebrated the event with some healthy but delicious snacks.

From Voice to Action 

It is important for the students to experience that their opinions matter and they can make a change in their lives. It is also important to give positive feedback when students make the effort to turn things better. Our data is an efficient tool in this process. It clearly shows the starting point and the result. It also highlights the fact that wellbeing is a continuous process with many areas to work on. If you forget to exercise, sleep or eat right, our charts will remind you. If you put a lot of effort on being friendly to others and creating an equal learning environment for all, our charts will give you credit for it.

Annika Ruohonen

Specialist in Communication and Pedagogy

AI Modeling and Pedagogy

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